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    Top Five Factors for Choosing the Best Credit Union

    These days, many people are opting for credit unions instead of banks due to the numerous benefits they offer to members. However, before you follow suit, you should determine the right credit union for you, and that calls for making several considerations. Credit unions are not the same, and they are formed with different objectives, and thus, you should know the one that suits your needs. Since several credit unions like family first credit union are available, you should make the following considerations so that you settle for the most appropriate one.

    Rates and fees - Credit unions are non-profit making institutions, and therefore, they tend to offer affordable services compared to banks. For example, members of a credit union enjoy cheap loans and favorable saving rates. While the charges of credit union services are generally, you should research to identify the least expensive one among the alternatives available.

    Branches and ATMs - Most financial institutions have branches and ATMs but are they sufficient to meet the clients' needs? Before you choose a credit union, it is prudent to check the number of branches it has so that you estimate how close you are to the services. ATMs are a fast way of getting the services of a credit union, and thus, you should opt for a credit union that has numerous ATMs within your locality.

    Prioritize customer service - Most people check other factors but forget about assessing the customer service of a credit union. Before you opt for a credit union, you should test the competent and reliability of its customer service. If it responds promptly and satisfactorily to your questions, then you should choose it. You cannot trust rogue credit unions with your money, but a reputable one will best suit you. Check online review sites to read the experiences of current and past clients of various credit unions like family first credit union.

    Technology - The right credit union should be all-ears about modern technologies that can improve their service delivery. Credit unions that embrace the latest technologies are likely to offer great services to clients, and they will record a high customer satisfaction rate. It should have a smartphone app and online services so that clients can get services from wherever they are without visiting the credit union premises. Interestingly, software manufacturing companies are developing user-friendly software technologies that credit unions can use to enhance their service delivery.

    Accredited credit union - Do not assume that any credit union you come across is properly accredited to offer the services. A genuine credit union should not hesitate to provide its credentials, and if you are satisfied with them, then you should not worry about scammers and the safety of your money.

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